Section 1 — Committee formation: Ad hoc committees are created as needed. The chair appoints all committee chairs, if warranted. Committees may be dissolved once the specified task of the committee has been completed.

Section 1Amendments to Bylaws: SDA members may propose a new or revised Amendment to the strategists for consideration. Proposals must be in writing and include the exact language to be considered as well as the rationale for the proposed Amendment. The strategists shall review the proposal at the next strategist meeting and determine whether the proposal is ready for consideration by the membership or whether further clarification and/or rationale is needed. The resulting proposal will be shared with the membership at least two weeks prior to the SDA Business Meeting in which it will be considered for approval. Proposed Amendments must receive a two-thirds majority vote of those present in order to be approved.

Section 2 Changes to Appendices: Changes to the Appendices, which reflect practices rather than governing procedures, may occur through a simple majority vote during an SDA Business Meeting.

These Bylaws were approved at a regular SDA Business Meeting by a two-thirds majority vote on 9.17.2015.